Episode 130 — Zena el Khalil


Zena el Khalil is the guest. She is an installation artist, curator, cultural activist, and author.  During the July 2006 attacks on Lebanon, her blog, beirutupdate.blogspot.co/uk, was published by CNN and the BCC.  In 2008, she was invited to speak at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, and earlier this year she was named a TED fellow. Her memoir, Beirut, I Love You, is now available in the United States in e-book format from NYRB Lit.

Gwyneth Paltrow raves

Zena el Khalil brings the city and its current events to life through personal anecdotes about loss, tragedy, friendship, life as a young woman in a polarized city, and love for this conflicted, beautiful place she calls home.

And Publishers Weekly says

Part love letter and part memoir, el Khalil’s work employs her artist’s eye and ear to depict Beirut during and after the Israeli attacks on the country’s south and the Lebanese civil war. No simple chronological narration, this is rather a highly personal, impressionistic depiction of events and emotions….  Her unflinching inside view of Beirut’s tragedy and of ‘Amreekan’ duplicity underscore why her 2006 blog beirutupdate.blogspot.com received international attention.

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