Vol. 1 Brooklyn Interview


I’ve been interviewed about the podcast over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. (Thanks to Jon Reiss and Jason Diamond!)  An excerpt…

On August 29th, the Other People podcast will run its 100th episode.  Host Brad Listi is an author and the founder of The Nervous Breakdown.  His show stands out from book talk media outlets both in content and tone, and Listi’s interview style tends to be more candid, personal and often bold than the rest.

I caught up with Listi to talk about his favorite moments from the show so far, and about what writers are really like.

The first time I listened to Other People, you delved into a kind of mission statement for why you were doing this show. Would you reiterate that mission statement? Has it changed or evolved?

Part of the show’s genesis is rooted in the fact that I’m a big fan of radio and I love podcasts, in particular the interview format. So a part of it just came from being a fan.  As far as my motivations go, I think that I’ve been obsessed for at least the past 6 years with trying to find out a way to move the needle in publishing….

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