Episode 38 — Vanessa Veselka


Vanessa Veselka is the guest.  She’s the author of the novel Zazen, now available from Red Lemonade.

Says Publishers Weekly:  “Veselka’s prose is chiseled and laced with arsenic observations…[Zazen] makes a case for hope and meaning amid sheer madness.”

Topics of conversation include:  mindless jobs, minimum wage, stripping, company loyalty, stock loyalty, the Atlantic, deadlines, query letters, Amazon, New Orleans, privilege, bartending, hitchhiking, Texas, Communism, Linda Ellerbee, Murphy Brown, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Greenwich Village, boarding school, Myers-Briggs, couch surfing, homelessness, hands, Thanksgiving, Europe, punk rock, Alaska, Seattle, flannel, Candlebox, songwriting, memoir, MFAs, and visceral life experience.

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Photo credit: Heather Hawksford.