The Rumpus Interview


I’ve been interviewed by The Rumpus (thanks Leah Tallon!).  An excerpt:

The Rumpus: You get into some pretty personal shit sometimes. Do you think that’s part of the popularity of the podcast? Are people just really nosey?

Listi: People love honesty.  Honesty is medicinal, I think.  It makes people feel less lonely in the world.  The modern media environment is so overrun with bullshit and static and people trying to sell you stupid crap.  It makes you want to bite yourself.  The idea is to work in counterpoint to that.  And the podcast medium, because there are no content restrictions, is ideally suited to this kind of effort.

As the host of the show, what I try to do is follow the conversation wherever it goes, nudge it along when necessary, and to serve as the surrogate for my listeners. I have to ask the questions that I imagine my listeners might have, in the moment.  I don’t ever want someone sitting there, thinking to himself:  I wish he would’ve said X.  I want to say it.  That’s my job.  And to do my job well, I have to be a good listener.  The listening is so much more important than the talking.


To read the full interview, just click right here.