Episode 40 — Susan Sherman


Susan Sherman is the guest.  She’s the author of the acclaimed debut novel The Little Russian, now available from Counterpoint Press.  And she’s also the co-creator of one of the most successful television shows in the history of Disney.

Library Journal, in a starred review, has this to say about The Little Russian:

“Sherman’s extraordinary debut novel plunges her readers into the bitter cold, deprivation, and upheaval of early 20th-century wartime Russia…a fascinating mix of petty vanity, devoted parenting, and breathtaking courage, fleshed out with cinematic detail that’s both irresistible and spectacularly illuminating. All fiction readers will enjoy.”

Topics of conversation include:  Russia, Green Bay, fur, negotiating, luck, television writing, Hollywood, Disney, agents, girl teams, timing, sexism, money, freedom, France, death, collaboration, history, research, immaturity, cave people, narrative sculpture, and religion.

Monologue topics:  complaining, Navy SEALS, perspective, art problems, human agony, man’s search for meaning, and war.