Episode 96 — Steve Roggenbuck


Steve Roggenbuck is the guest.  He is a traveling poet-slash-blogger whose latest poetry collection, Crunk Juice, is now available from Lief Books.  He also hosts a weekly, web-based television show called The Illuminati Power Hour, which is available via Spreecast.

Says HTML Giant:

The internet helped to make this possible. Roggenbuck now has readers/fans/online friends all over the U.S. and in countries around the world. Perhaps most notably, many have made direct personal contact with him via email or Facebook. The poet is present, interacting directly with people, and they are responding back directly.

Topics of conversation include:  Brooklyn, traveling, San Francisco, nomadic existence, Michigan, farming, winters, New York City, Lower Peninsula, Lake Huron, Harbor Beach, helium balloons, pooping in a bag, baseball, Donald Hall, BMX, death metal, MySpace, drumming, building community, bro friendships, veganism, the internet, blogging, poetry, flarf, MFA, dropping out, Chicago, making decisions, Buddha, Lil B, Walt Whitman, appreciating lief, Ralph Waldo Emerson, self-promotion, macros, collaging, search results, condescension, comments sections, shit-talking, active vs. passive, Facebook, Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg, e.e. cummings, LOLcats, jokes, misspelling, love, Tao Lin, truely, alt-lit, Hipster Runoff, Pop Serial, Stephen Tully Dierks, HTML Giant, Muumuu House, Frank Hinton, straight edge, drugs, videos, inspiration, improvisation, boosting, relationships, and girlfriends.

Monologue topics:  dinosaurs, sea creatures, birds, meteors, restaurants, marriage, the speed of life, the immediacy of death, dreams, salads.