Episode 302 — Steve Almond


Steve Almond is the guest. His new book, Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto, is due out from Melville House on August 26, 2014.  (Author photo: Sharona Jacobs)

Publishers Weekly calls it

Powerful… Almond is drawing on his own experiences as a fan to illustrate how difficult the problem, which provides the book with an engaging personal angle that will lure readers who are mature enough to hear him out whether they agree with his conclusions… An important read, even if as Almond concedes, it offers more questions than answers.

And Kirkus Reviews calls it

A provocative, thoughtful examination of an ‘astonishingly brutal’ sport… Comic, compassionate and thought-provoking.

Monologue topics: football, fandom, non-fans, football as a lens through which to view the wider culture.