Episode 190 — Sean Carswell


Sean Carswell is the guest. His new novel is called Madhouse Fog.

Patricia Geary says

I’m a huge fan of Carswell’s fiction: he’s intelligent, hilarious, incisive, and his ear for dialogue is extraordinary. Nevertheless, I found Madhouse Fog to be a geometric progression of his talent—besides being compelling and wonderfully strange (I lost sleep over it; it’s a damn hard book to put down), it is the epitome of literary sophistication. I loved this novel!

And Scott O’Connor says

Sean Carswell is full of surprises. He’s funny, frightening, madcap, philosophical. His writing has a real warmth of spirit, and the kind of deft observation that changes the way you see things long after you leave the page.

Monologue topics: Amazon, Apple, Big 5 publishers, the future of publishing, the business of publishing, paranoia.