Episode 129 — Salvatore Pane


Salvatore Pane is the guest. His chapbook, #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning, was published by NAP back in October, and his debut novel, Last Call in the City of Bridges, is now available from Braddock Avenue Books.

Stewart O’Nan raves

“Like his post po-mo Facebook generation, Michael Bishop, the manic narrator of Last Call in the City of Bridges, has reached the end of his irresponsible youth. Stuck and unsure, he looks back at those eight-bit Nintendo years with tender nostalgia while trying to feel his way forward.  Like The Moviegoer, Salvatore Pane’s debut novel is a romantic ironist’s plea for authenticity in a fantastic age.  It’s telling–and hilarious–that his hero’s model for male adulthood isn’t William Holden but Super Mario.”

And Tom Bissell says

“Quite obviously, Salvatore Pane’s mind has been dunked in video games, social media, comic books, the WebNet, and everything else our august literary authorities believe promote illiteracy. I’d like to hand the authorities Pane’s novel–a funny, moving, melancholy, sad, and immensely literate book about what being young and confused feels like these days–and tell them, ‘See? Things are going to be fine!’”

Monologue topics:  worldview, jackhammering, to-do lists, mental lethargy, flying dinosaurs, palm trees.