Episode 207 — Roy Kesey


Roy Kesey is the guest. His latest story collection, Any Deadly Thing, is now available from Dzanc Books.

Elizabeth Crane says

Roy Kesey’s stories in Any Deadly Thing are perfect, masterful portraits of an international cross-section of wise, broken souls—hopeful, brutal, funny as hell, and heart-crushing, every last one.

And San Diego City Beat raves

Most short-story writers are like baseball pitchers. The really good ones have four or five different pitches, but most only have two or three that they’ve perfected and go to over and over again. Kesey is more like a five-tool outfielder: He can do it all. In Any Deadly Thing, he collects stories about lovable losers, tales of hardscrabble redemption, experimental fiction, Bosnian war stories and expat tales set in Beijing apartments and Peruvian jungles. There’s no limit to the man’s imagination.

Monologue topics: mail, focusing the podcast on writing, Molly Ringwald, digressions, fame, voicemail, rapping, blushing.