Episode 265 — Rene Denfeld


Rene Denfeld is the guest. She is an accomplished journalist who has written for The New York Times Magazine, The Oregonian, and other publications. She is also a licensed investigator who specializes in death penalty work. Her debut novel, The Enchanted, is now available from Harper.

Publishers Weekly calls it

A striking one-of-a-kind prison novel….[with] rich, haunting prose…A stunning first novel from an already accomplished writer.

And Donald Ray Pollock says

Rene Denfeld is a genius. In The Enchanted, she has imagined one of the grimmest settings in the world–a dank and filthy death row in a corrupt prison–and given us one of the most beautiful, heart-rending, and riveting novels I have ever read.

Monologue topics: Melissa Broder, public bathrooms, darkened anterooms, tall strangers, misunderstandings, micro-paranoia.