“…the preplanned responses of NPR personalities sound somewhat counterfeit when stacked against the largely, if not completely, unscripted monologues that open rawer podcasts, such as Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ and Brad Listi’s literary ‘Otherppl’ podcast. Mr. Listi, for instance, frequently allows for lengthy pauses in between sentences that convey, without stage directions, the process of someone thinking aloud.” —New York Times

“…[an] excellent literary podcast….On each episode, Listi, a Los Angeles–based writer, talks to another writer or a book-world denizen of some kind. The talks resemble conversations between friends. Occasionally the discussion centers on the guest’s new book; sometimes it hardly comes up. Occasionally you’ll hear at length about the guest’s biography; sometimes you’ll hear nothing about it. The program’s unpredictability is part of what makes it work: you never know what you’ll hear, but you can be certain that with Listi, a wonderful conversationalist with a unique ability to draw out his guests, you’ll get a better sense of the guest than you might from a formal interview. I’ve picked up books by his guests simply because the authors are compelling human beings.” —The Paris Review

“…fun, quirky, in-depth…” —NPR

“Good from the word ‘go.’…funny, pointed, thought-provoking.  If there’s any justice in the world, this will become huge.”  —McSweeney’s

“This isn’t your average podcast.” —New in Books

“What’s awesome here is the personal questions, the open quality of the interviews…Listi is a damn good interviewer with an ability to discuss just about anything. His discussions of religion in particular make for an awesomely intimate environment that many other interview podcasts just don’t have.” —Book Riot

“In a world full of distractions — where almost everything I encounter is practically begging me not to write — Brad Listi’s podcast has made me hit the pause button on my iTunes, blow off social obligations, and sit my ass down in a chair and write. The show is funny, insightful, entertaining, affirming, and, more than anything — inspiring. It’s easily one of the best podcasts on the web.”  —Electric Literature

“The perfect way to get the story behind your stories.” —BuzzFeed

“Listi’s interviews are somehow both more relaxed and more personal than the typical author conversation.” —The Millions

“The one podcast I listen to regularly…[Listi] interviews writers and he does it in this really weird, interesting organic way. It’s never the boring, ‘What is your process…’ questions.” —Refinery 29

“Listi gets the big names — Susan Orlean, Colum McCann, George Saunders — but he often gravitates to lesser-known writers, and often, after listening to an interview, I’ve wanted to rush out to buy the book by the author so I could spend more time hanging out with him.” —Chicago Tribune

“The writers and book-relevant folks [Listi has] chosen to feature range from the up-and-coming to well-established. Indie presses and their authors are abundant, so it’s a great spot to hear about off-the-radar talent. I feel like I’ve gone into some of the episodes barely knowing a name, and I come out with a better understanding of the creative life and, usually, a new book on my to-read list.” –Bustle

“Hearing it for the first time, one wonders why it took so long for this podcast to arrive. The thread that runs through every show is Listi himself: intelligent, self-conscious and completely open about his own idiosyncratic approach to life as a writer and reader.” —HTML Giant

“Always engaging and often revelatory…one more cog in a burgeoning literary media empire.” —Filmmaker magazine

“[Otherppl] stands out from book talk media outlets both in content and tone, and Listi’s interview style tends to be more candid, personal and often bold than the rest.” —Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Fabulously smart.”  —The Rumpus

“Excellent.”  —Largehearted Boy

“What matters to Listi is insight and inspiration. He wants to know how they got their start as writers, what they were like in college, what obstacles they overcame. Listi doesn’t dance around his subjects. Were you a fuck-up? A prodigy? A jerk? Eventually, even the most reticent writer opens up. The result is something that book culture usually is not—lively, timely and incredibly entertaining.” —San Diego City Beat

“[A] literary version of Marc Maron’s WTF…[T]hese episodes all have much of interest to offer: rich stories, sudden laughs, ponder-worthy observations, memorable strategies for living.” —Colin Marshall

“Listi interviews writers of every type—from Lesley Arfin, who wrote for the HBO show Girls, to literary lightning rod David Shields, to Bernie Glassman, who pioneered the American Zen movement. Each episode starts with the charmingly dour and inward-looking Listi telling us whatever’s on his mind, whether it be a struggle with his own writing or an account of a recent hike in the Hollywood Hills or some other random thing that’s troubling him. The show has been described as a literary version of WTF With Marc Maron, but I think Listi is onto his own thing and does a great job of introducing novices like me to the various types who populate the world of letters.” —Chicago Reader

Otherppl is a fantastic interview show and probably the best-curated book-centric talk show out there.” —Brooklyn Based

“Helpful and frank…[Listi] has a knack for extracting truths, like gold-filled teeth, from the open mouths of authors…honest and insightful accounts of the craft of writing from some of today’s most interesting cultural producers.” —Kill Your Darlings Journal

“A podcast we can’t live without.” —Culture Map

“The best new literary podcast.” —Richard Nash

“A cracking new literary podcast.”  —Scott Pack, Me and My Big Mouth (UK)

“Something to be ecstatic about.”  —Adam Robinson, Publishing Genius Press

“Highly cerebral and relatable…Listi is revealing about himself and often gets great insights out of his guests…this twice weekly podcast is one to check out.” —The Matador Network

“Best podcast around.”  —Algonquin Books

“Genius…Otherppl is consistently engrossing — one of the best podcasts I’ve come across and not likely to be trumped anytime soon. If you’re not already listening, you’re truly missing out on something incredible.” —Gabrielle Gantz, The Contextual Life

“Brilliant.” —Full Stop

“Great.” —Orange Alert

“Listi interviews authors about… well, just about anything. Their books are discussed, of course, but also their biographies, their writing processes, their child-raising habits, their obsessions, their quirks… It’s always a deeply human conversation, and the fact that I, a fickle listener, am still downloading 100 episodes out is a testament to its quality.” —Scott Macaulay, editor, Filmmaker magazine



“I used to listen to a lot of book podcasts…They were usually talking about the same things.  They were sort of an echo chamber.  And they were pretentious.  I stopped listening to all of them.  Then I found this one somehow.  It’s a real pleasure.  Brad finds interesting guests who aren’t the usual suspects, though if you follow publishing you will have heard of many of them.  Incredibly, they manage not to spend every hour talking about Jonathan Franzen.  They talk about books and writing and what they do with their lives.  There’s inevitably a self-seriousness that creeps into any discussion of writers and writing which can be a little hard to listen to at times.  Earnest discussions about how tweets are composed creep me out.  Other than that, I enjoy this show, and I appreciate that Mr. Listi turns them out with such frequency.  Doing so many shows so quickly certainly makes it impossible to do much in the way of preparation, but I think that actually makes the show stronger in a way, so that listeners often discover the author at the same time as the interviewer.  While in written interviews I’d want to see just the opposite, in this format it works very nicely.  If you care anything about writing or publishing, this is a terrific podcast.”  —Drew Traynor

“Every episode is a gem.” —Jason Preu

“This podcast is entirely responsible for the vast collection of books I have yet to read!” —MyronM

“The best book podcast I’ve ever listened to…I don’t say [it] flippantly either; every episode has given me something to consider. It’s mind broadening stuff. This podcast is getting better by the episode, and the backlog is definitely a sight to behold. Or a listen to behold, perhaps.  Highly recommended.”  —Aberinkulasmin

“Once the interview started I was completely hooked. This is EXACTLY the type of thing I want to be hearing all the time. Long conversations with creative people that are not part of a press-junket where the person being interviewed has already answered the same questions thirty times that day. Just sincere, interesting dialogue with no quirkiness or pretense. Brad talks like a normal guy, he’s not a silly character trying to get his jokes in or impress anybody and I appreciate that so much.  I’ve only been listening to it for a few weeks now but it is already a favorite podcast of mine. If you are interested in books or writers or writing I could not recommend it more.” —Ben Collins

Otherppl has this fabulous homespun feel to it.  I feel like I’m sitting at the same table with these people.  They’re all saying the same things I’m thinking.  I love it.  I can’t stop listening.”  —StephA99

“Simply the best.” —Gretaleggs

“A fantastic show.”  —danetroc

“I listen to it on my way to work, and it refreshes my perspective for the day.  Not that I’m much of a curmudgeon, but it reminds me that people are really likeable.”  —anonopottomus

“A weekly highlight for me.  The conversations sometimes go way off course, but there isn’t really a ‘course’ anyway, and that’s exactly what’s so refreshing about this show.”  —joshuajoy

“Full disclosure:  I’ve been friends with Brad since the 6th grade.  Even more full disclosure:  Brad has made forays into various forms of media ever since then with questionable results.  So I didn’t listen to the podcast for a while in fear of having to tell him it sucked but ya know what?  He nails it with this podcast.  It’s really fantastic.  He’s unpretentious, honest and sincerely inquisitive.  This combination of personality traits allows his guest to talk as if they’ve been friends for years.  It’s really fun to get to hang out with him for an hour.  Even if you don’t read, you’ll find this podcast very entertaining, inspiring, and heartfelt.” —plaidjack [Note: I have no idea who this person is.]

“What would I do without this podcast?  Work would be so, so boring.” —tankpony

“Already addicted.”  —RebeccaLH1