Episode 138 — Panio Gianopoulos


Panio Gianopoulos is the guest. He’s the author of the novella A Familiar Beast, now available from Nouvella Books.

Jim Lynch, author of Truth Like the Sun, raves

A Familiar Beast is superb. Always engaging and often provocative, it follows the gut-tightening travails of a man hollowed by his own infidelities. With elegant prose, unforgettable scenes and Philip Roth-like psychological insights, Panio Gianopoulos’s debut novella marks the arrival of a bright and gifted writer.

And Adam Langer, author of The Thieves of Manhattan, says

Elegant, erudite and witty, this extremely well-observed and surprisingly suspenseful story offers more insights into love and human relationships than most authors manage in works three times as long.

Monologue topics:  mail, Facebook suicide, savage narcissism, Twitter.