Episode 391 — Nic Kelman


Nic Kelman is the guest. His new novel, How to Pass As Human, is now available from Dark Horse Comics. Nic is also an accomplished screenwriter—he sold a script to Stephen Spielberg a few years back and has since made other sales for other projects. 

Funny story: Nic and I are neighbors and didn’t know it. He walked over, sat down, we talked. Very pleased to have a guest on the show who works in film and television in addition to writing books. It’s a no-brainer for a podcast based in LA and something I need to do more often. It’s on my list for 2016. Nic is a smart guy with a deep interest in artificial intelligence. He studied brain and cognitive science at MIT, with a minor in film and media studies. How’s that for a combination? I did my best to keep up.  

In today’s monologue, I discuss Thanksgiving and the perils of holiday travel and the fact that I haven’t gone anywhere in way too long. I also discuss a text message that my wife sent me in the middle of the monologue which underscored this very point and made me feel like a negligent parent.