Episode 257 — Natalie Baszile


Natalie Baszile is the guest. Her debut novel, Queen Sugar, is now available from Pamela Dorman Books.

O Magazine says

In Queen Sugar, two bulwarks of American literature—Southern fiction and the transformational journey—are given a fresh take by talented first time novelist Natalie Baszile . . . [the novel] is a sensory experience, a tableau vivant that Baszile skillfully paints in a palette simultaneously subtle and bold. Queen Sugar is a bright and enticing reminder that, sometimes, you can go home.

And Joshilyn Jackson, the NY Times bestselling author of Gods in Alabama, says

Queen Sugar is a gorgeous, moving story about what grounds us as brothers and sisters, as mothers and daughters, and all the ways we fight to save each other. Natalie Baszile’s characters put brave roots into inhospitable ground, looking for a place, a person, a community to call home home. I alternately laughed and wept as they failed each other, forgave each other, lost each other, found themselves. It’s a wise, strong book, and I loved it. You will, too.

Monologue topics:  The Oscars, darkness, fear, self-loathing.