Episode 223 — Monica Drake


Monica Drake is the guest. Her new novel, The Stud Book, is now available from Hogarth Press.  (Photo credit: Scott Eklund, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.)

Cheryl Strayed says

Monica Drake has written a take-your-breath-away good, blow-your-mind wise, crack-your-heart-open beauty of a novel. The Stud Book is a smart, sexy, comic, compassionate, absorbing, and necessary story of our times.

And Publishers Weekly says

What really stands out is [Drake’s] depiction of [the] city. This is not the twee wonderland of Portlandia…Drake combines [her characters’] lives in a quirky, knowing way, showing the complexities of modern-day female life, species Pacific Northwest native.

Monologue topics:  Sweden, responding to criticism, Google Translator, self-loathing, weakness, humiliation.