Episode 78 — Miles Klee


Miles Klee is the guest.  He’s the author of a debut novel called Ivyland, now available from O/R Books.

Publishers Weekly raves:

Delightfully manic and sharply intelligent … Klee is undoubtedly a formidable talent in the making—he can make sentences crackle with an intensity and humor not seen since David Foster Wallace.

And this from The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Klee depicts the chaos with verve—he reads like J.G. Ballard zapped with a thousand volts of electricity.

Topics of conversation include:  the New Jersey turnpike, getting lost, Being John Malkovich, New York City, high school, diversity, affluence, 9/11, protests, televisual phenomena, denial, braces, huge glasses, nerdiness, adolescence, being tortured, cynicism, theater, growth spurts, assholes, Stanislavski, method acting, Marlon Brando, Williams College, adderall, pharmaceutical industry, self-medication, contortions of logic, LSD, war, neurotoxins, Aldous Huxley, mescalin, sleep, MDMA, porn, geopolitics, critical function, mixed reviews, publication, persistence, and ultimate triumph.

Monologue topics:  marathon running, writing, the grind, creative suffering.