Episode 404 — Melissa Broder


Melissa Broder is the guest. Her debut essay collection, So Sad Today, is available now from Grand Central Publishing. And in June her new poetry collection, Last Sext, will be published by Tin House. 


So much to say about my friend Melissa. I’ve known her for years. We met back when she was still in New York. Then she moved to LA, and not long after that she “came out” to me as her Twitter alter-ego, @sosadtoday. You’ll hear all about this in the podcast. And you’ll hear about how, for the past two years, Melissa and I have been working together as writing partners for film and TV stuff. It’s been an experience. It’s been fun.  It has involved many meetings. Endless meetings. Many studio lots. Many bottles of water. Many coffee shop writing sessions. Many pieces of Nicorette. (Melissa loves Nicorette and has tried to get me addicted. We chew it together after meetings.) And…what else can I say? She’s a dear friend and collaborator, and I’m thrilled to see her having such great success.  

In today’s monologue, a special guest! I talk with Heidi Pitlor, whose novel The Daylight Marriage is now out in trade paperback from Algonquin. The Daylight Marriage is the official March selection of The TNB Book Club.