Episode 375 — Meg Howrey


Meg Howrey is the guest. Her novels, Blind Sight and The Cranes Dance, are both available from Vintage Contemporaries.

This is the first interview I conducted after the birth of my son, which is to say “in the throes of acute sleep deprivation.”  I was pretty caffeinated, and Meg was great to talk with, which helped a lot.  I hope I did an okay job. Meg seems like one of those people whom you might call an old soul. It’s hard for me to imagine her as a child. An accomplished dancer, she went off to study ballet in New York City at age 15.  And now she’s the author of two critically acclaimed novels.  A gifted person who has lived an interesting life, or lives, in a short amount of time. Also: she wants to go to Mars.

In the monologue, I catch up on more mail.  Thanks again for all the letters.  If you want to email me, you can do so at letters [at] otherppl [dot] com.