Episode 402 — Mark de Silva


Mark de Silva is the guest. His debut novel, Square Wave, is available now from Two Dollar Radio. 

If I recall correctly, Mark’s parents dropped him off at my house, which, if true, would make him the first guest in the history of the program to get dropped off by his parents, which is hopefully the start of a trend. (Maybe I should do a series of interviews called “Writers and Their Parents” wherein writers come over with their parents, and we all sit down and talk.) Mark went to Cambridge and got a Ph.D. in Philosophy. I feel like I should tell you that. He grew up in the Inland Empire here in Southern California, the child of psychiatrists. I think I’m remembering that correctly. This conversation took place two or three weeks ago. My life has been crazy since then. My brain is completely shot. I can’t remember much. But I do remember laughing a lot during this interview, and feeling like it went really well. So there’s that. I hope you guys enjoy it. 

In today’s monologue, I think I talk about caffeine. And I talk about my barista, a gentle man with a ponytail.