LitReactor’s 5 Awesome Lit-Based Podcasts


Other People receives a kind mention.  Many thanks to Christopher Shultz and the folks at LitReactor.

The write-up:

Hosted by author and The Nervous Breakdown founder Brad Listi, Other People features in-depth, usually hour-long interviews with authors, discussing not only their work, but their life outside of writing, making for a well-rounded portrait.

Listi opens the show with a pause-laden, humorous monologue, which typically relates to his guest in some way. For instance, in preparation for his interview with actress-turned-writer Molly Ringwald, Listi contemplated bringing a pubescent photo of himself to prove to her how much he looked like Anthony Michael Hall (he decided against it).

Possibly the best thing about Other People, though, is the fact I haven’t heard of 90 percent of the authors appearing on Listi’s show. Ringwald, Megan Abbot and Owen King—Stephen’s other famous son—were the only ones I recognized in the last fifty episodes. This is a good thing: Other People introduces me to authors I might not have discovered otherwise, thus fattening my to-read list exponentially.