Episode 155 — Lenore Zion


Lenore Zion is the guest. She is the author of two books, the first of which, a humor collection called My Dead Pets Are Interesting, was published by TNB Books in 2011. And now her debut novel, Stupid Children, has just been published by Emergency Press.

Necessary Fiction raves

Stupid Children is a bildungsroman of twisted proportions told with startling clarity through the filter of a smart, psychoanalytic perspective. No character is safe from Zion’s unapologetic examinations. She bestows her protagonist with an open mind, a sharp intellect, and a sweltering imagination—all of the requisite ingredients for a disturbing, fascinating novel.

And Jonathan Evison says

Stupid Children surprises and dazzles at every turn. You will not forget this book.

Monologue topics: psycho-digital crises, dinner invitations, key parties, manners, overthinking it.