Episode 105 — Leigh Stein


Leigh Stein is today’s guest.  She’s the author of the novel The Fallback Plan and the poetry collection Dispatch from the Future, both of which are now available from Melville House.

Publishers Weekly hailed Dispatch as one of its best books of Summer 2012, saying

Stein possesses a comic’s honesty and sense of timing, simultaneously enchanting and dark, yet never cynical. She’s already published a wonderful debut novel this year, but I think she’s arguably an even better poet.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn raves:

A book as deeply sad as it is perceptively playful, Stein recreates her life, one full of unbounded wisdom and imagination weaving a tapestry of myths, memory, history, and pop culture, that new sort of collective memory we all share.

And Gary Shteyngart has this to say about The Fallback Plan:

Beautiful, funny, thrilling, and true.

Monologue topics:  Israel, music, excessive documentation, 9/11, travel, timing, violence, Jesus, Nate Dogg, deities, The Resurrection, research, airport security.