Episode 216 — Lauren Grodstein


Lauren Grodstein is the guest. Her new novel, The Explanation for Everything, is now available from Algonquin Books. It is the official October selection of The TNB Book Club.

Tom Perrotta calls it

Very smart and touching and unexpected.

And The Washington Post says

[Grodstein has] fashioned in her smart, assured third novel, The Explanation for Everything, . . . a gripping tale of a biologist who finds himself approaching midlife and suddenly finding faith . . . Grodstein’s real gift is her emotional precision . . . Finding or losing God proves to be an equally destabilizing tectonic shift, and this novel is full of them . . . Their cumulative force will leave you happily unsteady, and moved.

Monologue topics: psychic burden, fear, anxiety, Sisyphus, insomnia, failure, dying alone.