Episode 249 — Kyle Minor


Kyle Minor is the guest. His new story collection, Praying Drunk, is now available from Sarabande Books. (Photo credit: Jen Percy)

Publishers Weekly raves

Similar to a great magic trick, the 13 stories in Minor’s latest lure reader investment with strong visuals while simultaneously pulling the rug out from underfoot with clever, literary sleights-of-hand. Though not necessarily linked in the traditional sense, there is a sequential order to the collection–ideas, locations, incidents, and characters echo as the volume chugs forward–and the result is an often dazzling, emotional, funny, captivating puzzle.

And Kirkus, in a starred review, says

An award-winning short fiction author offers twelve stories so ripe with realism as to suggest a roman à clef. . . . This brilliant collection unfolds around a fractured narrative of faith and friends and family, loved and lost.

Monologue topics: mail, co-branding, the inevitability of co-branding, Katy Perry, Rihanna, the virtue of unskillful co-branding.