Episode 274 — Kathleen Rooney


Kathleen Rooney is the guest. Her new novel, O, Democracy!, is now available from Fifth Star Press.

Jonathan Evison raves

O, Democracy! infuriates and inspires. Rooney has written a brilliant and fiercely readable novel of politics and ideals, both an indictment and a celebration of the American Experiment, which will leave you breathless.

And Elizabeth Crane says

With O, Democracy!, Kathleen Rooney makes a swift and seamless transition from poetry to fiction, pairing her skill for image with a fresh voice, humor, and a keen eye for the political world she navigates here. An exciting debut.

Monologue topics:  panicking, whining, suffering publicly, ratings, E.T., money, Mira Gonzalez, Ben Loory, Juliet Escoria, Chelsea Martin, picking up the tab, emotionally needy social behavior.