Episode 81 — Kate Christensen


Kate Christensen is today’s guest (photo credit:  Marion Ettlinger).  She’s the author of six novels, the fourth of which, The Great Man, won the 2008 PEN/Faulkner Award.  Her latest novel, The Astral, is now available in trade paperback from Anchor Books.

The San Francisco Chronicle raves:

[Christensen’s] characters’ ruminations on how the forces of love and deception work in tandem within a relationship are both searing and concise. . . . [She] is a forceful writer whose talent is all over the page. Her prose is visceral and poetic, like being bludgeoned with an exquisitely painted sledgehammer. She is a portrait artist, drawing in miniature, capturing the light within.

And The Miami Herald calls it

Spectacular. . . . The Astral, artfully composed and emotionally tender, is evidence of true literary genius.

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