Episode 75 — Jerry Stahl


Jerry Stahl is today’s guest.  He’s the author of several books, including the memoir Permanent Midnight, which was adapted into a film starring Ben Stiller.  Other titles include novels like I, Fatty and Pain Killers.  And most recently, he co-authored the screenplay for the feature film Hemingway & Gellhorn, now playing on HBO.

Topics of conversation include:  Cannes Film Festival, Clive Owen, Nicole Kidman, Philip Kaufman, Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gellhorn, childbirth, fear, meconium, James Gandolfini, Pittsburgh, suicide, antisemitism, Sicily, hunting, butchers, cholesterol, drugs, hepatitis-C, Jews, Permanent Midnight, Ben Stiller, St. Bart’s, The Hill School, hippies, Nepal, Berkeley, Village Voice, gonzo, Hustler, Los Angeles, heroin, MacArthur Park, I, Fatty, Johnny Depp, luck, the abyss, dope, fatherhood, Bad Sex on Speed, Akashic, Johnny Temple, Paris, France, Jack Nicholson, Larry Charles, Pain Killers, Austin, parent shame, the Liberty Bell, hamster teeth, hell, and Hubert Selby, Jr.

Monologue topics:  heavy shit, mortal fear, parenthood, children, febrile seizures, adrenaline, nosedives.