Episode 164 — Jennifer Spiegel


Jennifer Spiegel is the guest. In 2012, she published two books:  The Freak Chronicles, a story collection, now available from Dzanc Books; and Love Slave, a novel out from Unbridled Books.

About The Freak Chronicles, bestselling author Lauren Groff says

The Freak Chronicles is a miracle of a story collection: passionately political and a shout of ambivalence about political passion, intensely personal and furiously global. We readers are lucky to find Jennifer Spiegel, a writer who is self-satirizing and vulnerable and elegant as hell.

About Love Slave, Publishers Weekly says

Spiegel’s novel evokes the psychic angst of Manhattanites presumptuous enough to describe themselves as struggling artistes, yet entitled enough to melt down when they can’t order breakfast in a diner after 11am…the writing is fresh and witty, and Sybil is a sympathetic character worthy of rooting for as she searches for something to believe in.

Monologue topics:  the gym, stress, running, the woman with magazines, stopping, Lawn Day.