Episode 243 — Jennifer Percy


Jennifer Percy is the guest. Her new book, Demon Camp, is available from Scribner.  It is the official January selection of The TNB Book Club.

Dexter Filkins, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, says

Demon Camp is the amazing story of one man’s journey to war and back. It’s a tale so extraordinary that at times it seems conjured from a dream; as it unfolds it’s not just Caleb Daniels that comes into focus, but America, too. Jennifer Percy has orchestrated a great narrative about redemption, loss and hope.

And Esquire magazine calls it

A powerful debut and a haunting portrait of PTSD, and the effects of war on the psyches of the soldiers who fight and the extreme lengths they’ll go to to find relief and heal.

Monologue topics: war, peace, humanity, pacifism, confusion.