Episode 196 — Janice Clark


Janice Clark is the guest. Her debut novel, The Rathbones, is now available from Doubleday.  It is the official August selection of The TNB Book Club.

Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, says

A teenager comes of age and grapples with the heavy burdens of family secrets against the backdrop of the 19th Century New England whaling industry in this beautifully written, playful and intricate debut novel.  Clark creates evocative descriptions . . . making her images and encounters between people especially vivid.

And The Millions says

The Rathbones is the most sui generis debut you’re likely to encounter this year. Think Moby-Dick directed by David Lynch from a screenplay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez…with Charles Addams doing the set design and The Decembrists supplying the chanteys. Clark writes a beautiful prose line, and the story, like the ocean, gets deeper, richer, and stranger the farther out you go.

Monologue topics:  bikes, LA, tourist vans, celebrity sightings, mistakes.