Episode 62 — Heidi Julavits


Heidi Julavits is today’s guest.  She’s the author of four books, the most recent of which is a novel called The Vanishers, now available from Doubleday. And she’s also the co-editor of The Believer magazine.

Here’s what The New York Times Book Review has to say about The Vanishers:

Darkly comic….sharp-eyed, sardonic, hilarious….Julavits is at her acrobatically linguistic best here. Nearly every page contains a showstopping description or insight…narrative voice is superb. Funny, self-deprecating, exquisitely attuned… Vivid… Remarkable… Heartbreaking.

So great to have Heidi on the program.

Topics of conversation include:  Los Angeles, road trips, Boulder, Dartmouth, ex-boyfriends, balding tires, Choate, fraternities, The Ivy League, Columbia, feminism, children, body image, Harvard, editing, literary power couples, Ben Marcus, reality television, Susan Faludi, Vendela Vida, Dave Eggers, The Believer, emails, womby-watery women’s writing, Hillary Clinton, Yoko Ono, lazy-mindedness, women and their mothers, female relationships, psychic attacks, random discovery, the pain of writing novels, when a novel doesn’t work, and learning to savor the good moments.

Monologue topics:  psychic experiences, earthquakes, uteruses, and streetlights.