Episode 201 — Gregory Sherl


Gregory Sherl is the guest. His new book Monogamy Songs is now available from Future Tense.  (Photo credit:  Shannon Healey, courtesy of YesYes Books.)

The Huffington Post raves

The problem with post-confessionalism is that its most uninspired iterations have been sprinkled across America for the past quarter-century; that is, the problem with post-confessionalism isn’t post-confessionalism, it’s post-confessionalists. No longer: Gregory Sherl is the post-confessionalist we’ve been looking for, which is to say that there’s nothing smarmy, self-important, or false about these poems or this poet. Sherl is that rare author who can speak earnestly about the vagaries, pleasures, and discouragements of living and still charm your pants off. You’ll enjoy walking around his head a bit, I guarantee.

And Rain Taxi says

…Sherl has written a book full of love and surprising emotional power.

Monologue topics: facial hair, signifiers, head scarves, hard-won truth, wisdom, messiah complexes, author photos.