Episode 326 — Elizabeth McCracken


Elizabeth McCracken is the guest. Her latest book is a story collection called Thunderstruck & Other Stories, and it is available now from The Dial Press.

The New York Times Book Review says

Elizabeth McCracken knows how loss can melt reality, forever altering a person’s sense of time….In her new collection, McCracken gives brilliantly splintered life to just that kind of story….The fact that there is nothing depressing about the ubiquity of accident and disaster in Thunderstruck & Other Stories is a powerful testament to the scratchy humor and warm intelligence of McCracken’s writing….Her wisdom and wit have a moral dimension that deepens our sympathy for her straying souls…. [A] restorative, unforgettable collection.

And Nick Hornby says

Elizabeth McCracken is one of my favorite writers. Or, to put it another way: I’ve read everything she’s written…and there’s nothing I haven’t liked and admired enormously…She writes with acuity, soul, and a kind of easy grace that probably kills her, about characters she has created to love…. Thunderstruck showcases all the things this remarkable writer is so good at: the eccentric but illuminating metaphors, the deft characterization, the heart-lurching narrative development, the tenderness, the fantastic aphorisms….Anything new by her is an excuse for wild, drunken celebration.

Monologue topics: mail, Christianity, Jesus, God, confusion.