Episode 84 — Elizabeth Collins


Elizabeth Collins is today’s guest.  She’s the editor of The Beautiful Anthology, a collection of essays, stories, and poems from TNB Books, all of which are centered on the topic of beauty.  She’s also the author of a memoir called Too Cool for School, available later this year from HBH Press.

Diana Spechler, author of Who By Fire and Skinny, has this to say about The Beautiful Anthology:

Subverting time-worn clichés about beauty, this book delivers a fresh exploration of everything from body art and big noses to musical ‘perfection’ and misguided parenting.

And Marion Winik, author of The Glen Rock Book of the Dead, says

The Beautiful Anthology is two dozen flowers pulled from a magician’s hat.  The magic is how each essayist and poet takes a big messy concept like beauty and combines it with the intimate materials of his or her life to make something lovely and new.

Topics of conversation include:  beauty, gender, supermodels, dimensions, plastic surgery, jowls, adolescence, bad breath, paranoia, self-consciousness, Kate Moss, George Clooney, self-concept, ranking your own beauty, honesty, brutality, time, aging, reality, Facebook, judgment, internal vs. external, Madison, New Jersey, New York City, publishing, reading, potential, teaching, tutoring, SATs, home, Philadelphia, Tina Fey, success, failure, only children, adoption, CIA, Iowa Writers Workshop, horses, snakes, finance, day-trading, investing, college applications, Sarah Lawrence, stress, Lynchburg, children, astrology, numerology, publishing, jobs, tone, blogging, competition, dismay, parental rage, wrongful termination, memoir, and learning.

Monologue topics:  The Beautiful Anthology, beauty, books, The Nervous Breakdown, and independent presses.