Episode 72 — Edgar Oliver


Edgar Oliver is the guest. He is an American stage and film actor, a poet, a performance artist, and a playwright.  His poetry collections include The Man Who Loved Plants, and his plays include The Drowning Pages.  Onstage, he has performed a popular one-man show called East 10th Street:  Self Portrait with Empty House.  And on television, he has appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Oddities.   He’s also a regular performer for The Moth storytelling series.

Topics of conversation include:  Lower East Side, Kent Carlson, Mother, Helen, moving, New York City, Prospect Park, outdoor urination, writing, childhood, Savannah, Georgia, Helen & Edgar, paranoia, isolation, Paris, cruelty, letters, the closet, morphine, the silent treatment, Washington DC, running away, birds, friends, self-acceptance, homosexuality, London, art school, theater, acting, stage fright, monologues, Harvey, New Jersey, Long Island, George Washington University, Nadine, psychosis, death, and straightjackets.

Monologue topics:  traveling, varnishing, oddities, unusualness, and falling asleep with your mouth open on an airplane.