Episode 268 — Douglas Coupland


Douglas Coupland is the guest. His new novel is called Worst. Person. Ever. and it is available now from Blue Rider Press.

The Globe and Mail says

A satirical, misanthropic romp through reality television, environmental disaster and apocalyptic possibilities. Once again, Coupland…has asserted himself as a documenter of our times and anticipator of societal threats…. The plugged-in consumer-culture philosopher has created a brand of his own, becoming—and, over the long haul, remaining—a thinky superstar for a distracted era. More than 20 years after he became a pop-culture darling with Generation X, Coupland is still innovating—not simply cranking out words and sculptures, but making a significant contribution with astute observations…. As the country’s go-to guy for art, design, and contemporary social commentary, could Coupland be Canada’s Biggest. (Cultural). Brain. Ever?

And The Independent calls it

…a scatological bun-fight of excess and debauchery, of juvenile humour peppered with bilious rage at the state of the world…It’s riotous, frequently very funny…I can’t locate very much seriousness, but I certainly enjoyed trying.

Monologue topics:  mail, age, generations, Spencer and Mira.