An Exchange Between David Quigg and Lauren Groff


A listener named David Quigg has posted a heartfelt and wonderfully written account of his struggles this past year, and how hearing Lauren Groff on this program, and then exchanging emails with her, helped him to arrive at some new clarity.

Pleased and proud that the show played a small part in helping to incite such a decent and human exchange.

From David’s blog:

I was lost. Specifically, I was whatever type of lost causes a guy too private to blog about the end of his marriage to instead email a stranger about the end of his marriage. The stranger was Lauren Groff. I emailed her because of some things she said when she appeared on the “Other People” podcast to discuss her latest novel, Arcadia. Having more to do with Lauren’s grace and big-heartedness than with me, our correspondence turns out to be the most efficient way I can do justice to the story of my year. This post may still end up unreadably long. At this point, I’ll go ahead and apologize to anyone who’s reading these words at gunpoint. The rest of you, as always, are free to go.

You can (and should!) read the full thing right here.