Episode 104 — David Abrams


David Abrams is the guest.  He’s the author of the debut novel Fobbit, which is now available from Grove/Atlantic.

Publishers Weekly, in a starred reviews, says

Abrams’s debut is a harrowing satire of the Iraq War and an instant classic….Abrams, a 20-year Army veteran who served with a public affairs team in Iraq, brings great authority and verisimilitude to his depictions of these attempts to shape the perceptions of the conflict. [His] prose is spot-on and often deadpan funny, as when referring to the “warm pennies” smell of a soldier’s “undermusk of blood,” or when describing one misshapen officer: “skull too big for the stalk of his neck, arms foreshortened like a dinosaur… one word came to mind: thalidomide.” This novel nails the comedy and the pathos, the boredom and the dread, crafting the Iraq War’s answer to Catch-22.

And Library Journal raves

This darkly comic novel is a slice of awesome…a true dark comedy in that it reinforces how unpleasant life can be for soldiers, and how ridiculous, funny, and stupid life can be.

Monologue topics: letters, praise, criticism, Twitter glibness.