Episode 107 — D.T. Max


D.T. Max is the guest.  He’s a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine and the author of Every Love Story is a Ghost StoryA Life of David Foster Wallace, now available from Viking.

The San Francisco Chronicle calls it

A well-crafted, insightful chronicle of this singular writer’s life and literary work…Max’s biography succeeds on multiple levels: through his astute interpretations of Wallace’s literary output and liberal quotes from the writer himself, this book very much embodies the spirit and life of Wallace…for this reader, the biography provides a measure of solace – that if this great writer can’t be among us, at least he can be remembered in all of his genius and complexity.

And Tom Bissell raves

 This book should be handed to anyone who wants to write, if only to remind the aspiring writer that becoming a voice of generational significance turns out to be very poor insulation indeed from struggle, fear, and despair. D. T. Max is beautifully attuned to Wallace’s strengths, whether personal or literary, and bracingly clear-sighted on his flaws. The result is a book that’s moving, surprising (Wallace voted for Reagan?), and hugely disquieting. If you love Wallace’s work, you obviously need to read this book; if you don’t love Wallace’s work, you especially need to read this book.

Monologue topics:  sunrise, Sunset Boulevard, insomnia, walking into the sun.