Episode 88 — Christopher Narozny


Christopher Narozny is the guest.  His debut novel, Jonah Man, is now available from Ig Publishing.

Raves Patrick DeWitt, author of The Sisters Brothers:

Jonah Man is a vivid and unsettling portrait of naked American ambition, and Chris Narozny is a nimble and unflinching writer.

And Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, says

A classic whodunit ripe with spare, snappy prose and riddled with period language, this is one show-stopper that deserves a standing ovation.

Topics of conversation include:  Denver, Boulder, mountains, New York, Brooklyn, Queens, sports, eyesight, shyness, New Jersey, confidence, karate, France, French, male nannying, Paris, closed societies, corporate moves, PhDs, Syracuse, University of Denver, teaching, web classes, Brian Evenson, dynamic spaces, workshops, New Jersey, Marx Brothers, vaudeville, staying up late, comparing, despairing, class badasses, the canon, Harold Bloom, books you haven’t read, Paul Bowles, James Baldwin, patience, empathy, judgment, readings, Q&As, Dashiell Hammett, attention span, dialogue, John Banville, Georges Simenon, speed, interiority, Max Frisch, and Javier Marías.

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