Chicago Reader recommends the podcast, calls it ‘charmingly dour’


Chicago Reader has recommended the podcast in its ‘Culture Vultures’ feature.  Many kind thanks to Dmitry Samarov.

…Listi interviews writers of every type—from Lesley Arfin, who wrote for the HBO show Girls, to literary lightning rod David Shields, to Bernie Glassman, who pioneered the American Zen movement. Each episode starts with the charmingly dour and inward-looking Listi telling us whatever’s on his mind, whether it be a struggle with his own writing or an account of a recent hike in the Hollywood Hills or some other random thing that’s troubling him. The show has been described as a literary version of WTF With Marc Maron, but I think Listi is onto his own thing and does a great job of introducing novices like me to the various types who populate the world of letters.