Episode 340 — Chelsea Hodson


Chelsea Hodson is the guest. Her chapbook entitled Pity the Animal is available now in print from Future Tense Books at Powells.com, and electronically from Emily Books as a Kindle Single.

Tobias Carroll calls it

One of the best literary works I’ve encountered this year… much of its power comes from the way it juxtaposes seemingly unrelated elements: a retrospective of Marina Abramovic’s art, scenes from Hodson’s life, economic musings, and considerations of adventure. The way these eventually coalesce is immeasurably powerful; the accumulated effect is devastating, and hits harder than many works ten times its length.

And Bitch magazine calls it

Pointed, scathing, and suspenseful. This critical yet intimate essay is not to be missed.

Monologue topics:  leafblowers, chainsaws, suffering.