Episode 214 — Cari Luna


Cari Luna is the guest. Her debut novel, The Revolution of Every Day, is now available from Tin House.

Kirkus says

Luna creates an array of complex characters caught up in emotions, relationships and situations far from the ordinary as they examine their commitment to their merged family and explore their own ideals and expectations. Enlightening and marked by inventive subject matter, intense reflection and stark eloquence.

And Bust magazine raves

The characters are superbly flawed, and Luna expertly leads us through their vastly different psyches and makes us understand them, even if we don’t always sympathize. But just as much as it is a novel of characters, The Revolution of Every Day is the story of a city that’s struggling with gentrification, as Cat puts it, ‘All the way back to the Dutch and the Indians, yeah?’

Monologue topics: J.D. Salinger, WWII, weird life sandwiches.