Episode 564 — Brad Phillips


Brad Phillips is the guest. His new story collection, Essays and Fictions, is available from Tyrant Books.


The late Anthony Bourdain calls it: “Searingly honest, brilliant and disturbing. [Phillips] peels back the skin and bone and stares right into the human soul.”

Born in 1974, Phillips is also an accomplished visual artist  known for dark work that engages with themes of eroticism, depression, and mortality. His paintings display stylistic breadth, from text-based to photorealist, referring in many cases directly to his daily life. He lives in Toronto.

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In today’s monologue, I talk a bit about Dipa Ma, and concentration, and Buddhism.

Correction: In this episode, I mistakenly say that there are two underscores in Brad Phillips’ Twitter handle. Actually, there are three. My bad. It’s @Brad___Phillps. Three underscores!