Episode 587 — Bret Easton Ellis | Transcript


Air date: July 3, 2019 MONOLOGUE [1:03] Hello everybody. Hey. How’s it going? Welcome to the Otherppl podcast. I’m Brad Listi, I’m here in Los Angeles. It’s good to be with you. I hope you’re doing well. Quick reminder here at the top of the proceedings. This show has an official website. It’s otherppl.com. And […]

Episode 577 — David Shields | Transcript


Air date: April 24, 2019 MONOLOGUE (00:01:50) How’s it going, everybody? Welcome to the Otherppl Podcast, it’s good to be with you. How are you doing? I hope you’re well. My name is Brad Listi, and I am in Los Angeles, and I have David Shields on the program for, I believe, the third time. […]

Episode 545 — Mark Leidner | Transcript


Air date: October 10, 2018. MONOLOGUE [00:00:51] Brad Listi: Hello everybody. Hey. How’s it going? This is the Otherppl Podcast. I’m Brad Listi. I’m in Los Angeles. I’m sitting here. I’m standing here. I’m here. I’m in Los Angeles – the Hollywood sign? It’s right outside. Somewhere up there. It’s visible. It’s hot. It still […]