Episode 282 — Aaron Gwyn


Aaron Gwyn is the guest. His new novel, Wynne’s War, is now available from Eamon Dolan Books.

Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, says

Gwyn’s (Dog on the Cross) story is a gripping tale of men at war in the desolate snow-capped mountains of eastern Afghanistan, and captures the essence of close combat—the terror, excitement, chaos, tension, and cruelty, as well as the harsh decisions men make under stress…its gritty realism is part of the strength.

And Nic Pizzolatto, creator of HBO’s True Detective, says

Wynne’s War is a deep and beautifully written story of men, war, and madness, told by a young American master. A page-turner of poetic and savage grace, of our time but transcending it, this novel takes its rightful place among the great American literature of war.

Monologue topics:  bad news, miscarriage, feeling bad about feeling bad, bad luck, bad.