Episode 184 — Julie Sarkissian


Julie Sarkissian is the guest. Her debut novel, Dear Lucy, is now available from Simon & Schuster. Joyce Carol Oates says Dear Lucy introduces a young writer with a most original voice and a tenderly eccentric vision.  Julie Sarkissian has created a boldly lyrical, suspenseful, and mysterious fictional world in this striking debut novel. And […]

Episode 183 — Matthew Savoca


Matthew Savoca is the guest. His new novel is called I Don’t Know I Said, and it’s available now from Publishing Genius Press. Michael Kimball says There’s a hell of a lot more charm in Savoca’s book than a novel about sad and smart twenty-somethings should ever have. And Scott McClanahan says Man, this book […]

Episode 182 — Emily Gould


Emily Gould is the guest. She is the author of the memoir And the Heart Says Whatever (Free Press, 2010), and her novel entitled Friendship is due out from FSG in 2014. A former co-editor at Gawker, she now runs her own publishing venture called Emily Books, with Ruth Curry. Curtis Sittenfield says of And […]