Notes from My Notes App


I keep a list in my phone of miscellaneous thoughts, ideas, dream descriptions, etc. I often refer to it when looking for inspiration, or to gauge where I’m at creatively. Some of these notes have been incorporated into books, poems, tweets, etc. I’ve selected some of the more coherent entries for you below.

How do Eskimos reproduce in such cold weather.

I keep Facebook open in two tabs so it’s like you’re talking to me twice as much.

Book title: Things Only Get Worse.

Book title: Things Only Get Turned Into Books.

Homeless man accustomed to his smell but occasionally catches a whiff of how bad he really smells.

Long-term relationships feel like a drug overdose: you’re okay, don’t panic, just ride it out.

obama trying not to freak out

Mr. Obama riding out his presidency.

Seasons: just long enough for people to forget what they’re like.

The way she always called herself a weirdo gave him the impression that all the guys before had already assured her otherwise.

Like headphones plugged into nothing.

The way seats on a train become available only right before your stop.

Anxiety is not knowing whether nothing matters or everything matters.

The way music can make sense despite its lyrics.

That pretty girl gazing right at you is just spacing out.

My face is permanently my face.

Photo on 3-10-14 at 11.44 PM

People walk in together in pairs, as if they come that way.

Everyday we’re a slightly different shape.

Sometimes the only thing you can fix is your posture.

New Year’s hats that say, “We are having a good time, okay.”

The more time you spend not looking at a clock the less time exists.

The Upper East Side is the culture of the formerly beautiful.

College is where you pay to make mistakes.

I use the computer to tell me what it’s like outside.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.13.02 PM

The future is like the past, but worse.

The tall European woman standing above the seated subway commuters turns and coughs down on them so as not to disrespect her equally tall, European interlocutor.

words for money

The worst part of anything is the part where I come in.

The difference between humans and animals: the former know they didn’t get a choice.

Comfort like having a full charge on your phone at a party full of people you don’t know.

The most widely understood way to achieve functional normalcy is to operate under the assumption that you’re going to be okay.

Explaining the internet: imagine everything you affect, a post-it you scribble on, remains intact forever. A storage room somewhere fills up with the detritus of your life, photographs and confessions, shopping lists and appointments. The keys to this room are hung up on a wall behind an unmanned counter, in a building near everyone in the world.