Episode 85 — Seth Greenland



Seth Greenland is the guest.  He’s the author of three novels, the most recent of which is The Angry Buddhist, now available from Europa Editions.

The New York Times calls it:

…a fine, high-end beach read for this election season…

And Larry David raves:

The Angry Buddhist is a great novel.  It’s satirical, it’s political, it’s sexual.  All the things that I love dearly.  Finally, something to come home to.

So great to have Seth on the program.

Topics of conversation include:  anger, Buddhism, age, mindfulness, meditation, loss, death, attachment, emotions, breathing, sitting, prayer, concentration, writing, the Internet, discipline, satire, luck, cancer, Zen, fear, fearlessness, perspective, friends, small talk, politics, America, cycles, children, Scarsdale, scars, underachievers, Connecticut College, NYU Film School, journalism, Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee, Coen Brothers, Living in Oblivion, Tom DiCillo, 1970s, Lower East Side, CBGB, The Ramones, Matthew Brady, Permanent Vacation, Wallace Shawn, punk, New Wave, Paris, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, New York City, Roaring Twenties, The Basketball Diaries, talent, Tom Waits, screenwriting, television, Cheers, email, teaching, Larry David, blurbs, authenticity, and Nick Hornby.

Monologue topics:  plot issues, unresolved tension, Fourth of July, holidays, rhythms, gift opening, performance stress.


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